BistiWaves is a loose coalition of digital artists who have grown up in the legendary beauty and enchantment of New Mexico. Our roots are in the magical landscapes that have entranced so many before us. Bisti is derived from the Navajo Indian word for badlands and is one of the most mysterious places in the American Southwest.

Our first work, a timed meditation CD, comes from the sounds of a canyon deep in the mountains. Digitally recorded, edited and produced by Bob Crain.

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Do you meditate?

“Falls Creek Meditations” can help you maintain concentration, relax more deeply and, best of all, keep on schedule in your busy life. Like most great ideas, it is a simple concept.

A superb set of timed recordings draw you into a relaxing and refreshing mountain paradise allowing you to truly relax. The timed tracks make sure you don’t miss your next appointment.

Watch for video and music coming soon.